Monday, July 28, 2008

A Little Eye Candy

A friend in Abilene knit the Pretty As A Peacock Shawl this spring to wear to her grandparents wedding anniversary. She used Jojoland Harmony and beautiful beads. I think it is fantastic and was a delight to feel this beautiful cobweb lace. As a sidelight, this was her first lace project!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

100 Years of Women's Fashions

In Nov and Dec of 2007 The Ellen Noel Art Museum, Odessa TX presented a display of 100 Year of Women's Fashions with clothes and accessories from the collection of Steven Porterfield, owner of The Cat's Meow, an antique store in Midland TX. Steven is an excellent repair artist who maintains all the articles in supurb condition. The display was organized with several outfits from each decade beginning in the 1860's. There was one handknitted item that caught my eye, a child's sock was pinned to the hem of a girl's dress.

Steven has been asked to be an appraiser on a PBS Antiques Roadshow this summer. If the items he appraises are interesting enough his segment will show sometime in the fall.

After viewing the exhibit of old clothing, Mother and I pulled some of Grandmother's clothes out of the cedar chest. Two of her party dresses from the 1915-1930 times are shown below. Yes there are two tiny fox heads (fake) on the brown dress.

The real jewel of our keepsakes was Grandmother's wedding dress from Oct 1914.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Has It Been THAT Long?

I truly didn't mean to ignore my blog, just had more commitments and involvements than I had intended. Here are a few finished objects that I have completed since blogging last. The Two Measures of Joy purse is finally out of my hand's and into Mother's.

I am waiting for cooler weather to give my wool and nylon socks a test walk. They fit well and feel comfortable.
The Kindness of a Stranger Sunhat is an easy knit out of Sugar'n Creme cotton worsted. I made it for protection at the Clyde City Picnic.
I have been steadily knitting kids hats with the acrylic yarn given to me and also knitting a couple of shopping bags with it. Think of the ecology; saving trees from being cut down and saving plastic and acrylic from the landfill. I do believe acrylic will be in landfills for the next million or so years.