Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Has It Been THAT Long?

I truly didn't mean to ignore my blog, just had more commitments and involvements than I had intended. Here are a few finished objects that I have completed since blogging last. The Two Measures of Joy purse is finally out of my hand's and into Mother's.

I am waiting for cooler weather to give my wool and nylon socks a test walk. They fit well and feel comfortable.
The Kindness of a Stranger Sunhat is an easy knit out of Sugar'n Creme cotton worsted. I made it for protection at the Clyde City Picnic.
I have been steadily knitting kids hats with the acrylic yarn given to me and also knitting a couple of shopping bags with it. Think of the ecology; saving trees from being cut down and saving plastic and acrylic from the landfill. I do believe acrylic will be in landfills for the next million or so years.

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Aunt Kathy said...

I love that two measures of joy bag... I think I added it to my favorites...