Monday, August 4, 2008

Curl Up With A Good Book

I love to read, especially mysteries. Since I have been knitting more I haven't read as much or been as interested in involved, complicated plots. The easy to follow, entertaining "cosy" books are more my speed right now. I have been reading some of the knitting mysteries and enjoying them. The plots are just convuluted enough to be entertaining but they aren't dark and depressing.

There is a new book to be released tomorrow that sounds interesting. Here is the press release:

KC-area author launches knitting mystery series

Sally Goldenbaum of Prairie Village, who has written three Kansas-set Queen Bees quilting mysteries, has moved into knitting as a theme for her latest book.
"Death by Cashmere," which comes out Tuesday, is the first of the "Seaside Knitters" mystery series.
As the name implies, it has a coastal setting and a group of knitters who work to solve a murder. The book also includes a knitting pattern.

I've listed a few books on the sidebar. Let me know your favorite needlework novels.

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Aunt Kathy said...

I'll be watching for some of these knitting mysteries on paperback swap