Monday, September 29, 2008

My Celebrity Knitting Bag

I haven't been blogging because I've been kicking back enjoying life in some places we had not gone in a long time or have never been before. Along with that I've been knitting scarves for the Special Olympics and some test knitting for a designer friend. Now, about the bag....You remember the nice bag I had knit, the Knitting Needle Knitting Bag, that won those prizes? I got an email request that was completely unrelated to the contest & prizes. Here is what I got.

Sent at 8:03 AM September 2, 2008
Hi Pat, I’m a segment producer for Knitting Daily TV, a new 30-minute how-to television show on public television (PBS). During our second season of taping the week of Sept 15-18, we’re doing a segment called “You Made It” featuring versions of the Knitting Needle Knitting Bag made by people in the knitting community.
I noticed that you have recently completed the bag and I’d love to invite you to send us your version to appear on the show. This will be a fun segment – no criticism of knitting :-) – as we look at the different colors and yarns knitters used for the pattern, and any other interesting changes people made. I love that you changed the pattern.
Here’s a clip of this type of segment from Season 1, where Eunny Jang looks at different versions of the Modern Quilt Wrap:
Are you interested? I’d need to receive your bag no later than September 12. Interweave will pay all shipping expenses and once I know you can do it, I will reply with our FedEx shipping account number. And I will personally handle the return shipment immediately after our taping September 18. And of course, you’d get credit on the show. The host will mention your first name and city during the segment as we introduce your version. The show will air in our second season, beginning sometime in January 2009.Please let me know if you’re willing to participate. Thanks. Cheers, Jaime Guthals, Segment Producer, Knitting Daily TV

Of course I said yes! So, I shipped off my bag and had it returned today. I think now it has traveled more miles this year that I have. I do not yet know when the show it will be on will air but I am hoping their schedule will be online.