Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Class Act

Lately have you told someone how special they are? A family member? A friend? Someone you have never met? A few weeks ago someone I have never met, only corresponded with online, told me I was a class act. If only you could have seen the smile that brought to my face and the smiles the memory has generated since then. The subject was unrelated to knitting but when I am knitting seems to be a good time for that memory to come to the surface. When I read the words, my heart was lifted up on wings and it happens when I remember them.

One day I am going to meet that person and give her such a bear hug! Then we'll sit & knit and talk and enjoy being together.

The point being, you never know what little words can live in someone to encourage them and ease some pain. So, send a hug in an email, a comment on a blog or in person.