Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Unique Shopping Experience!

Black Friday malls and big box store shopping? Not for me! I headed for the ultimate bargain stores on the Texas border - the Ropa Usadas. These warehouses carry used clothing sales to the extreme by selling at 30-35 cents a pound any and all clothes. Coats sell at 75 cents a pound. The clothes were surprisingly clean and unsmelly but they were piled and jumbled in a mountain of clothes. Any and all sizes of clothes in all conditions, usually showing lots of wear.

Another shopper there said she dug out certain types of items and resold them on Ebay, others buy for their flea market shops. I had heard that you could discover designer labels and name brand clothes. I found a colorful sequined evening jacket in perfect condition, just 4 sizes too small for me! There was a little girl's skirt with store tags still on it.

I didn't find anything that I wanted to wear but began looking at it as a yarn, fabric and button shop. There were hundreds of pairs of jeans of all sizes and condition. If I were sewing denim patchwork it would be some of the cheapest fabric around.
My treasures were three sweaters.
One - Man's pullover-100% Shetland wool tweed in tans and gold, small hole in one cuff
Two - Red cardigan-52% Mohair, 48% acrylic, white mother of pearl buttons, no holes found
Three - Dark teal cardigan-70% Lambswool, 20 % Angora Rabbit hair, 10% Nylon, .5" buttons, small hole on back of one sleeve
Total cost - $1.40

It was such a fun experience that I want to do it again, maybe on a chilly day. It got very hot inside on the top of the pile. Pictures at:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Last Word

Here is the final post (I hope) on my famous knitting bag. The Craftstylish Gifts to Make Volume II came out with a page featuring the on-line site. It has photos of the four winning bags in the Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge. There are also some great gift patterns and ideas.