Monday, January 12, 2009

Beanstalk Preemie Hat Pattern

As soon as I saw this stitch pattern I thought of one of my favorite fairy tales, Jack & the Beanstalk. I could just see the beanstalk steps that Jack climbed. This was knit using US 6 needles and some old Carrousel Remember yarn, the color is Winter Aqua. Another preemie or little newborn hat for the Lone Star From the Heart project.

Beanstalk Preemie Hat

Yarn: Sport weight baby yarn or lightweight worstedNeedles: US 4-6 double points Whatever feels right for the yarn-not too stiff a fabric
Size: 1-3 lbs (3-5 lbs, 6-8 lbs)

Bubble Stitch Pattern adapted for circular knitting from Gisela Klopper, Beautiful Knitting Patterns

Round 1: *K1, P2, Sl 1 p wise, K2, PSSO, P2 * Repeat * to * across round

Round 2: *K1, P2, K1, YO, K1, P2* Repeat * to * across round

Rounds 3 & 4: *K1, P2, K3, P2* Repeat * to * across round.

Cast on 48 (56, 64) stitchesDivide stitches on three needles. Join in the round, being careful not to twist. Place marker.
K1, P1 ribbing for .75” to 1”
Knit 1 round
Knit pattern until hat measures 3 1/2" (4", 4 1/2") from the cast on edge.

Knit 2 together for one round.
Knit around.
Knit 2 together for one round.
Knit around.
Knit 2 together for one round.

Cut yarn 6" long and pull through remaining stitches. Pull tail to the inside and weave in all ends.

Copyright – Patricia J Reece January 12, 2009
You are welcome to use this pattern to knit hats for personal use, gifting or for sale. Please do not sell the pattern.


Patt said...

Hi, I'm gonna use your free pattern to make a few hats to donate to charity. Thanks for joining my followers. cool
Hugs Patt

Aunt Kathy said...

I saw this when it showed up on ravelry and thought WOW it is like a beanstalk. I may actually give this a try sometime this year. Love it.

Alli's Little World of Knitting! said...

Awwwe I love this little hat Pat!! What a sweet little warn headwarmer! Thank you for sharing your talent!


Monique said...

That's a lovely pattern. Thank you for sharing it. I plan on making some preemie hats to donate from it.

Prisma said...

So I just came across your pattern and made it up today. I would recommend that the rib edge be knit with a smaller set of needles to facilitate more of the dome idea. Other wise it came out beautifully!! Thank you!

support for parents of preemie babies said...

I have been looking for preemie hats for almost a day now and I think this hat is one of my favorite. The color is so good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this delightful preemie hat. Fun knitting for charity!

Missy said...

I just used this pattern to make hats to donate to my local NICU. I also wrote a review of the pattern on my blog;