Monday, January 26, 2009

Slippers Felted!

Late yesterday I sewed up the slipper boots & this morning I got them to the laundry. The water is very hot so that is a plus. I loaded them in the top-loading washer with a tiny bit of detergent, 2 bath sheets, a large denim bag, 2 large double-layer sheeting curtains I had made for the motorhome and a pair of rubber wedge-soled sandals. There is no way to control the water level in these commercial machines so I wanted there to be plenty of material to buffet and agitate to encourage felting. I thought the wash cycle was about 10-12 minutes & had my fingers crossed that it would be enough. No such luck, the wash cycle was 8-9 minutes & the slippers had just started to felt. I started another washer since I couldn't reset anything on the first one and loaded everything over into it while the first empty washer finished the cycles. I kept a close watch on the second washer & at about 4 minutes of agitation the proper sizing was achieved! The felted slippers went into the sink for a cold water rinse while the towels, etc finished the cycles.

I rolled the rinsed slippers in another bath sheet to squeeze & pat out some of the water, jumped into the Jeep and brought them to the motorhome. There, R and I stuffed them full of plastic bags and put rolled up washcoths & kitchen towels in the leg part to shape them while they dry. No pix yet but when they are dry I'll get them before mailing.

I do have a rather blurred photo I just snapped of the bag I am designing/knitting. I am using a varigated P&C cotton. My hands get tired & sore after a few rows so the knitting is going slowly. I made a few notes of stitch count and shaping ideas, found a stitch pattern in a book, grabbed my needles and took off. It is going well, if slowly.

About half the height of the bag is knit so maybe it won't be too much longer until FO time. Now, I am off to find something less stressful on my hands to knit. Ah, the fun of "What shall I cast on?"

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Aunt Kathy said...

Can't wait to see the felted resuly, and I liek the design I can see in your blurry bag. So what did you end up putting on the needles after all?