Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Riddle For You

What do these yarn have in common?
9 skeins of KnitPicks Shine Sport, color Sand
4 skeins of King Cole Luxury Mohair, color Barcellona
1 skein of Euroflax Wet Spun Linen, color Lilac
1 smaller skein of Euroflax Wet Spun Linen, color Violet

These are the yarns I won in the destashing contest on BJ's blog . Sorry, no pictures yet. Now comes the big question of which of the patterns I've been wanting to knit will be the perfect match for each of the yarns? Ah, the fun of agonizing over this! LOL

We have relocated further east in Texas and we just happen to be near some very nice local yarn shops. I will be visiting for some yarn petting & checking out the needles. Reports to follow.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cables and Twists

Subtitle: Convolutions of a twisted mind. I really, really like cable knitting, twisted stitch knitting, plot twists, vortices, swirls, undulations and cinnamon twists. Therefore, I knit cables and twisted stitches often, such as in the socks that are in progress. I finished the sock I showed in progress in my last blog post several weeks ago, and cast on the second sock. This is a nice ribbed sock with a cable on each side of the leg.In the meantime, I received the KnitPicks Felici yarn I had won from Patt's blog contest. The Aquarium color leans a little more toward the lime greens & bright yellows than my monitor showed but it is fun, light and summery so I don't mind at all. I am using a simple rib & twist pattern so the stripes will be shown at their finest. This yarn is super soft and feels wonderful. The catch is that it can be a little splitty. Thanks, Patt, hopefully I can get a better photo soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Knitting Bag & Blogs to Read

I have a super-duper new sock knitting bag, custom made by my mother! I am so happy with it. She had emailed last week that she was getting bored with the winter weather. I told her that if she was in the mood to sew I could use a lightweight bag about the size of a paper lunch sack. So, she went stash-diving in her beautiful fabrics and came up with a bag in a couple of hours or less. She mailed it with the latest batch of our mail. (She is our personal post master and handles our mail as another loving chore for us.) Here is the photo with my latest sock project where I am ready to knit the heel. The bag is the perfect size and weight for a carry-along bag.Another handy medium-size bag I found at the dollar store is made of water-resistant nylon with several zipper pockets and a little zipper bag inside. It holds lots of knitting tools and a small to medium project. I think they labeled it a sport bag. HAH, it just screamed knitting bag to me!

Now, about those blogs to read. I feel like I have friends out there whom I've never met but have visited with & knit with when I read their blogs. I've been lucky lately by reading some blogs & entering the contests. There are two blogs I read regularly that are having contests.

Aunt Kathy's Place is running a comment contest the whole month of February. She is keeping the prizes a mystery but I am positive that she will have a fantastic prize to two to share. Her blog is . If you want to tell her you got to her blog through this one, she will give me extra credit.

I just won a sock yarn prize from Patt's Creations Madness so I won't be actually entering her contest. To enter, just leave a comment on her contest blog entry. She is giving a great-looking project bag as the prize. You'll find her blog at .

Monday, February 2, 2009

Show and Tell Monday

I promised pix of the felted slipper boot project after my daughter had them in hand. I'll quote her, "They are almost perfectly adorable. So close you can *see* it. The heel on each is boxy under the heel and the toe on top is a little triangle-y. Everything else is spot on. The fit around the foot is awesome, around the calf is perfect, it snugs on and you feel like you have something substantial on. But it's like they didn't take into account that your heel curves." It was good to know that they fit but she spotted the problems I saw with them. I was not happy with the overall shaping at all. Anyway, here are some pictures of pre-felting, both alone and with one of my socks to fit my long narrow foot.
Now, the pix of the felted boots, one with my sock again and one where I am sort of wearing the slippers. My feet are longer and narrower than my daughter's so I didn't try to force the boots to fit. Oh, the pattern is a Drops design . I used Lion Brand Wool.
One more project picture to share. I knit & felted a small sissor pocket to hold small sissors. My daughter works beautiful counted cross stitch so she will get a lot of use from a sissor pocket to keep them sharp and handy. The pattern came from my friend, Dawn. She came up with the pattern for the Lonestar State Knitters Group Design Contest last year. It was a fun knit.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lightening Strikes Twice

It has happened again. I got an email this evening that I had won another blog contest! This time the blog is BJ's Musings & Meanderings . She has been stash-cleaning and offered a contest to distribute some of her yarn or other goodies. She drew a total of 8 names to recieve prizes. She promised to try to match our color preferences & avoid anything that we might be allergic to. The only allergic reaction I have around yarn is a severe case of cast-ons.

It just so happens that right now i am itching to start several new projects. UFO's? Get back in the dark & leave me alone, I want to play with something different.

I am making progress on the latest sock but it was a beautiful day in the south Texas sun & I went out to play. We visited the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge where we saw some beautiful and interesting trees, grasses and flowers but no wildlife. bummer

We are not watching the Super Bowl so I think I'll put on some music & knit a while now.