Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cables and Twists

Subtitle: Convolutions of a twisted mind. I really, really like cable knitting, twisted stitch knitting, plot twists, vortices, swirls, undulations and cinnamon twists. Therefore, I knit cables and twisted stitches often, such as in the socks that are in progress. I finished the sock I showed in progress in my last blog post several weeks ago, and cast on the second sock. This is a nice ribbed sock with a cable on each side of the leg.In the meantime, I received the KnitPicks Felici yarn I had won from Patt's blog contest. The Aquarium color leans a little more toward the lime greens & bright yellows than my monitor showed but it is fun, light and summery so I don't mind at all. I am using a simple rib & twist pattern so the stripes will be shown at their finest. This yarn is super soft and feels wonderful. The catch is that it can be a little splitty. Thanks, Patt, hopefully I can get a better photo soon.


Janice and Gerald said...

Lovely socks Pat .... however ... with the climate in the places you're hanging out in, do you really need all of these lovely socks? If you find that you're running out of sock storage room in the RV, I'd be happy to keep them up here for you ... in the land of eternally cold feet ;o)

Aunt Kathy said...

Once I get around to knitting socks again I'd like to try a cable. I love cables they are just so cool, and well that aquarium color ROCKS

Patt said...

Did you ever finish these socks? would love to see them.
Hugs, Patt