Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Knitting Bag & Blogs to Read

I have a super-duper new sock knitting bag, custom made by my mother! I am so happy with it. She had emailed last week that she was getting bored with the winter weather. I told her that if she was in the mood to sew I could use a lightweight bag about the size of a paper lunch sack. So, she went stash-diving in her beautiful fabrics and came up with a bag in a couple of hours or less. She mailed it with the latest batch of our mail. (She is our personal post master and handles our mail as another loving chore for us.) Here is the photo with my latest sock project where I am ready to knit the heel. The bag is the perfect size and weight for a carry-along bag.Another handy medium-size bag I found at the dollar store is made of water-resistant nylon with several zipper pockets and a little zipper bag inside. It holds lots of knitting tools and a small to medium project. I think they labeled it a sport bag. HAH, it just screamed knitting bag to me!

Now, about those blogs to read. I feel like I have friends out there whom I've never met but have visited with & knit with when I read their blogs. I've been lucky lately by reading some blogs & entering the contests. There are two blogs I read regularly that are having contests.

Aunt Kathy's Place is running a comment contest the whole month of February. She is keeping the prizes a mystery but I am positive that she will have a fantastic prize to two to share. Her blog is http://gimpykatk.blogspot.com/ . If you want to tell her you got to her blog through this one, she will give me extra credit.

I just won a sock yarn prize from Patt's Creations Madness so I won't be actually entering her contest. To enter, just leave a comment on her contest blog entry. She is giving a great-looking project bag as the prize. You'll find her blog at http://pattscreationsmadness.blogspot.com/2009/02/happy-february-month-of-love.html .


Carol said...

Oooh! I could be up for adoption... ;-D

Aunt Kathy said...

Thank you for that shout out, and your mom made a great bag. I just love project bags, most of my family calls me "the bag lady" I just can't help myself, lol

Janice and Gerald said...

Pat ~ I'll admit I am addicted to bags ... do you think your Mom might adopt me too?
~ Janice ~

Patt said...

Ha great minds think alike. I just bought some lining fabric so I can work up a few kip bags myself. That fabric your Mom used is fabulous. I love it. Oh your 2 skeins of sock yarn have been shipped out today or so says KnitPicks!! Uber cool.
Hugs Patt