Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lightening Strikes Twice

It has happened again. I got an email this evening that I had won another blog contest! This time the blog is BJ's Musings & Meanderings . She has been stash-cleaning and offered a contest to distribute some of her yarn or other goodies. She drew a total of 8 names to recieve prizes. She promised to try to match our color preferences & avoid anything that we might be allergic to. The only allergic reaction I have around yarn is a severe case of cast-ons.

It just so happens that right now i am itching to start several new projects. UFO's? Get back in the dark & leave me alone, I want to play with something different.

I am making progress on the latest sock but it was a beautiful day in the south Texas sun & I went out to play. We visited the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge where we saw some beautiful and interesting trees, grasses and flowers but no wildlife. bummer

We are not watching the Super Bowl so I think I'll put on some music & knit a while now.

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Aunt Kathy said...

Get out there and play the Lotto, you are HOT right now, LOL