Monday, February 2, 2009

Show and Tell Monday

I promised pix of the felted slipper boot project after my daughter had them in hand. I'll quote her, "They are almost perfectly adorable. So close you can *see* it. The heel on each is boxy under the heel and the toe on top is a little triangle-y. Everything else is spot on. The fit around the foot is awesome, around the calf is perfect, it snugs on and you feel like you have something substantial on. But it's like they didn't take into account that your heel curves." It was good to know that they fit but she spotted the problems I saw with them. I was not happy with the overall shaping at all. Anyway, here are some pictures of pre-felting, both alone and with one of my socks to fit my long narrow foot.
Now, the pix of the felted boots, one with my sock again and one where I am sort of wearing the slippers. My feet are longer and narrower than my daughter's so I didn't try to force the boots to fit. Oh, the pattern is a Drops design . I used Lion Brand Wool.
One more project picture to share. I knit & felted a small sissor pocket to hold small sissors. My daughter works beautiful counted cross stitch so she will get a lot of use from a sissor pocket to keep them sharp and handy. The pattern came from my friend, Dawn. She came up with the pattern for the Lonestar State Knitters Group Design Contest last year. It was a fun knit.

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Aunt Kathy said...

I've been felting myself a lot this year. it's just so cool how it chages so much with just a little bath, lol

I like that scissor holder, I am always losing my scissors