Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Hasn't Sprung

I checked my pulse, yep, I am still alive. My friend, Becky, emailed to ask if I wasn't traveling anymore, wasn't knitting anymore or just not blogging. Answer: not blogging which is evident by the date of the last entry, don't go look at my travel blogs' last date. We traveled around in Southeast Texas to see the delicate dogwood blossoms and wisteria blooms among the dark pine trees, the beautiful azaleas in yards along the streets and highways and the bluebonnets in fields everywhere. Then we meandered north to lakes in Northeast Texas to enjoy more of the same blooms.

All this time I was continuing to knit at times on socks, a bag and some gift projects. I was having too much fun seeing the sights to knit a lot.

While in SE TX I met with an online friend, Wendy, from Lone Star State Knitters. Now she isn't just an online friend! She and her husband met us at a restaurant where we enjoyed long conversations getting to know each other. Wendy surprised me with a gift of lovely stitch markers she made. They are so cute.
There are two teapots, a cup and saucer and a teabag. They make me smile and add so much to my knitting fun.
We are now near Branson MO where we'll be workcamping for almost 6 months. If I don't get around to blogging, give me a shout.


Renna said...

The bag and markers are darling. :-)

If you were at lakes in northeast Texas, then you were likely near me. :-)

My hubby and I visited with the camp host couple at a campground in MO a few years ago when we were camping there in the fall (I think it was called Eagle Rock). They were full time RV'ers, working (camp hosting) half the year, and heading south for the winter. They loved it, and hubby and I talked about doing it some day.

Becky said...

Glad to see you are back on the blog;I should do the same. Have to ask---did you go through the big town of Avinger? AND you did have to mention the bluebonnets. Oooooh, how I would love to see them.

Aunt Kathy said...

Good to see you, hope you make it back sooner then later