Monday, December 28, 2009

Resolve, Resolution, Determination

It isn't January 1 yet but I am gearing up already.  While at Mother's for Christmas, I grabbed the opportunity to visit our long-time family friends, Joyce & John.  John has spent a little more than a year battling cancer and I had knit him a couple of caps to keep the chill at bay during treatments.  Joyce said that his hats had caused quite a stir of interest in the Chemo Treatment rooms.  It seems that no one else has hand knit caps to wear while there. 

Hence, I am resolved to knit hats for the Midland Allison Cancer Center to be distributed to the men and boys who are patients. 

There, I've put it in black and white.  I am not stating a goal amount but I hope to do lots.  I will challenge all knitters and crocheters to also knit for their local cancer centers.