Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flit'n Float Scarf

Knitting seems to have taken high priority over blogging. I can knit while enjoying the great outdoor weather here in northern New Mexico.  The bugs have mostly gone for the season so we took down the screen room.  Sure adds dimension to our "outdoor living room" and gives me so much pleasure to sit outside to knit when the chores are done.

Without further ado, I will show the project just off the needles:  King Arthur Flit 'n Float Scarf.  I used one ball (400m) of the Juno's alpaca yarn won last spring.  The pattern is one I had loved and wanted to knit since I first saw it, Flit'n Float Scarf  by Birdy Evans published in Spring 2009 Knitty online magazine.  This is a dream of a yarn and pattern to work with, although I had to tease my friend Birdy that she had not put in instructions to me specifically to put in a lifeline.  When I dropped a stitch in the first chart, I did have to frog and start the chart over again.  Lifelines were inserted regularly after that.

The project when from this:
To blocking:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Knit n Blather

Haven't been online much but have been knitting, working, relaxing and exploring.  Yep, that's my life. 

My daughter sent me a super cute knitting robot sketch that she had commissioned.  A man in Austin was creating the sketches as a fund raiser to travel to a bike ride.  Hope he keeps up the good work.  Here is mine:

Isn't he cute?  Knitting his tail!  Wish I had an extra set of arms/legs to help in my knitting.  Here is the link to more of his bots.  Robots

Now for what I am knitting: socks from S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo.  The pattern is Double Eyelet Rib by Wendy D Johnson.  I am loving this yarn even if it is a little splitty.  It is so soft and feels so good on my hands that I am really wanting to feel it on my feet.  The pattern is appropriately summery and works well with this yarn.  Got one sock knit to above ankle, I'm knitting on the foot of the other.  When I get to the same length, then I'll finish them together so I will use up all the yarn.

Also knitting on the Daily Sweater from Mason Dixon's "Knitting Outside the Lines" but not showing any photos yet.  And.....knit up a couple of bigger needle projects like a Lion Brand homespun scarf and one of my bottle cozies.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

King Arthur and Knitting

Are you wondering just what is going on with the combination of a king and knitting?  It all started with a blog contest at Brighton Wool Gatherings at That'll Do Farm.  They had a newborn cria, that's a baby alpaca, that needed a name.  It thought the little guy looked very regal and suggested the name "King Arthur".  Andrea liked the name and I won some yarn.  I selected the naturally white lace from Juneau of Promised Land Alpacas.  I haven't decided just what project will be perfect for this yarn.  For the time being I am enjoying petting it and looking at patterns.  The needle with the yarn is a size US 1 that was handy.
On the knitting front, I have to show you just-plain-cute-as-a-button Max wearing the Chill Out Bib.

On the needles now is The Daily Sweater from "Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines."  I am usng the Tahki Valentine wool and cotton yarn that I got for $1 last fall.  There are slubs in the very-splitty yarn but I think it will add to the sweatshirt casualness of the sweater.  The photo just shows a shapeless blue blob.

Also on the needles is a toe-up sock made with On Your Toes Bamboo.  It is a lovely tan, blue and cream varigated but the sun washed out the colors.  Pattern is Double Eyelet Rib Socks by Wendy Johnson.  I am knitting it using Magic Loop.  Don't know why I had not tried that style of knitting before.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank You, Mother

Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful woman who is most responsible for me being ME!

Thank you so much for the million and one things you have done for me over the years:

For loving my Daddy and demonstrating it in front of us kids so I learned how to show love.

For singing.  You sang around the house, at church and at special events. You taught me a lifelong love of music of all types.

For reading books to me until I could read them myself.  Even then I enjoyed listening to you read to little sister.  You took us to the library and convinced the librarian that we all needed to check out more books than 2 little ones a week.

For all the clothes you sewed, especially when you had to mix and match patterns to get the look and fit I wanted.  I remember shorts sets, skirts, shirts, dresses and prom dresses that were "just right" for the occasion.

For helping me learn to sew and embroider and enabling/encouraging me to learn to knit.

For the special birthday cakes and wonderful meals you prepared.  You taught me how to cook and enjoy the creations. 

For being my friend.

I could go on and on but hope these few things show how much I love and appreciate you.

For Mother's Day I knit a couple of small tote/market bags for Mother.

I am not forgetting my "other" mother, my dear mother-in-law.  She will be 95 years old next month and is no longer able to read or comprehend much of what is happening.  She is very dear to me and has treated me as a daughter from the day I married her younger son.  We have become such good friends and shared interests and laughs. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Knitting Small Stuff

The last couple of months I have knit several smaller items.  Two of them were test knitting for Alli at Knitwits Alley.  These cloths are honoring Ellen DeGeneres.

My dear friend Sara had major surgery so I wanted to send her a little something to help with the recovery.  Pocketbook Slippers seemed to fit the occasion.  They are also one of Alli's patterns.  Pocketbook Slippers  I made up the bows to add extra pizzazz then stuffed a towel to model for the photo shoot.

Another fun project was a bib for 4 month old Max.  Since his grandpa likes penguins so well, I used the Chill Out!  pattern from Down Cloverlaine  Can't wait to see photos of Max wearing it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guinea Pigs & Other Stuff

I had promised my daughter a knit guinea pig two years ago and kept putting it off.  The yarn and small needles were difficult to work with so I would tire of it, put it away and something would happen to it.  The last time, it fell off the needles and was impossible to pick up the stitches.  The yarn did survive multiple rip-outs and I eeked out enough to finish.  She got it as an early birthday present, took it to work and had lots of raves from co-workers.  Phew, relief on my part since I have never had a close personal relationship with a guinea pig so wasn't sure if it looked right.
I showed what I had received in our Campground Crafters Spring Swap but had not shown what I sent my swap pal.  I knit and felted a Booga Bag and knit 2 dishcloths.  Then I put in some little bags, handy clips, a measuring tape and a pen.  My swap pal seemed happy with it.  

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Memories of John Hammett 1922 - 2010

We met John and Joyce as friends of my parents more than 40 years ago. They shared many things in common with my parents, not the least of which was John's wonderfully sharp sense of humor and their love of travel in RV's. As Ron and I grew older we were able to spend more time with the Hammetts and they became our friends, too.

In early spring 2009, John was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. He chose to fight it for as long as he could in order to spend more time with family and friends. He had treatments at the Allison Cancer Center in Midland, TX. He got very cold during those treatments so I was happy to knit him a couple of hats. The first was a quick knit beanie. It didn't cover his ears and neck enough to keep him warm. John's favorite style of caps was an English Driving Cap so I knit one for him that could cover his ears and neck and also had a bill that shaded his eyes from the glare of lights in the treatment room.

When I saw John on Christmas Eve I woke him from a nap, we spoke for a few minutes then he continued his nap. I visited with Joyce about the caps. She said that people at the treatment center wanted to know where he got the caps because they wanted one, too. I vowed to myself to knit some caps for men to give to the center for use by many men. I knit 5 caps, 2 beanies and 3 with small bills. I also knit 2 earwarmers that fit over baseball caps. Something for everyone.

The hats and earwarmers were cheerfully modeled by a puppy friend before they went to the Allison Cancer Center where they were happily received and put to use.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Swap Friends

Our Campground Crafters Yahoo Group elected to skip the Secret Santa swap this year and go for an after-Christmas gift exchange, a Spring Swap.  The goal is to have at least something hand crafted and total costs before shipping of $15 or less.  We all put on thinking caps and looked for items that would appeal to our secret swap partner. 

In mid-February I received a cute pair of Puppy Paw Socks and a great 2010 calendar Mouse Pad.
The end of February I got another package.  When I opened the shipping box there was a beautiful mini-hat box with butterflies on it.
Opening the lid of the butterfly box gave me more butterflies on a card. Toni's note said that "There's nothing that says "Spring" more here in Sonoma County than these little guys running & jumping around in the fields." Intriguing. I unwrapped the tissue under the note & was totally blown away by the embroidered and beaded lamb wall hanging. The lamb has white beads and the flower border has white, pink and dark beads. There is even a bow-shaped button for the lamb's neck. Totally awesome!
Under that gift was another pair of sock as mates to the puppy paws, dog bones featured and some dog bones and puppy paw print ribbon. So cute and I'll have a blast wearing the sock. There is just no telling what my inspiration will be but you can be assured that the ribbon is going to show up on something fun.
There was one thing more, a To Do list pad with a calendar so I can stay organized. I already know that Toni is a mind reader & knows how much I enjoy puppies (can't have one - allergies) and lambs. Now I know that she knows that these days I need more lists and To Do notes than ever before. What a super friend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let's Go Shopping

Since the weather has been very much against me getting photos uploaded I've just ignored posting to this blog.  Shame on me!  Surely I can visit with you without showing any pictures.  So...I've decided to occasionally feature a website with neat stuff for sale.

Today's website is GrandGCraftingRVers .  This crafting couple is retired, living in an RV and volunteering at an Oklahoma State Park.  You'll find lovely fossil pendants. Malachite, turquois, shells, abalone, beads, buttons and other stones & objects made into jewelry.  Then browse through the knitted and croched items like purses, dishcloths and decorated flipflops.  There are even some machine-sewn items.

Please drop by to visit & shop a little.  You will enjoy the trip. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Blog To Read

I found a new-to-me blog to read and she just happens to be running a contest celebrating her first anniversary to blog.  The blog is Chicken Stitches with beautiful stitch markers for sale & free patterns, too.  The contest prizes are fabulous.