Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Swap Friends

Our Campground Crafters Yahoo Group elected to skip the Secret Santa swap this year and go for an after-Christmas gift exchange, a Spring Swap.  The goal is to have at least something hand crafted and total costs before shipping of $15 or less.  We all put on thinking caps and looked for items that would appeal to our secret swap partner. 

In mid-February I received a cute pair of Puppy Paw Socks and a great 2010 calendar Mouse Pad.
The end of February I got another package.  When I opened the shipping box there was a beautiful mini-hat box with butterflies on it.
Opening the lid of the butterfly box gave me more butterflies on a card. Toni's note said that "There's nothing that says "Spring" more here in Sonoma County than these little guys running & jumping around in the fields." Intriguing. I unwrapped the tissue under the note & was totally blown away by the embroidered and beaded lamb wall hanging. The lamb has white beads and the flower border has white, pink and dark beads. There is even a bow-shaped button for the lamb's neck. Totally awesome!
Under that gift was another pair of sock as mates to the puppy paws, dog bones featured and some dog bones and puppy paw print ribbon. So cute and I'll have a blast wearing the sock. There is just no telling what my inspiration will be but you can be assured that the ribbon is going to show up on something fun.
There was one thing more, a To Do list pad with a calendar so I can stay organized. I already know that Toni is a mind reader & knows how much I enjoy puppies (can't have one - allergies) and lambs. Now I know that she knows that these days I need more lists and To Do notes than ever before. What a super friend!