Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guinea Pigs & Other Stuff

I had promised my daughter a knit guinea pig two years ago and kept putting it off.  The yarn and small needles were difficult to work with so I would tire of it, put it away and something would happen to it.  The last time, it fell off the needles and was impossible to pick up the stitches.  The yarn did survive multiple rip-outs and I eeked out enough to finish.  She got it as an early birthday present, took it to work and had lots of raves from co-workers.  Phew, relief on my part since I have never had a close personal relationship with a guinea pig so wasn't sure if it looked right.
I showed what I had received in our Campground Crafters Spring Swap but had not shown what I sent my swap pal.  I knit and felted a Booga Bag and knit 2 dishcloths.  Then I put in some little bags, handy clips, a measuring tape and a pen.  My swap pal seemed happy with it.  

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