Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair We Grow Again

Hair, short, long or in between, seems to be something that has to be tended constantly in order to feel our best.  I started out with beautiful blonde curls then kept it cut at some length of "short".  Does that make sense?  Whether it is barely long enough to cover the head or almost shoulder length, it usually is called short.

See what I mean about curls?  For the last 6 years I've kept my hair cropped short in what I call "wash and wear" style.  Wash, towel dry or barely blow dry and be ready to head out for new adventures.  I'm tired of the look but don't like to mess with styling it.  Here is a current photo with hair grown out from the last haircut in early August 2010.

It is so bounce with little curl or wave.  I sort of feel like a wig crawled up there and died!  Now here is my dilemma, do I cut it again, let it grow a while and just deal with it or get a permanent and hope for the best?  While you are thinking that over, here are some photos taken over the years.  Please ignore the goofy expressions!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Since I am an avid geneology researcher, I have learned all about family relationships such as third cousin twice removed.  Just find the common ancestor and count generations.  What I am thinking about is relationships with friends.  There is only one of my close high school friends I keep in touch with.  We haven't seen each other in years but keep in contact with emails and Facebook.  We have memories in common, saw each other's babies and knew each other's parents.  That is one type of relationship with friends.

Another long-time relationship was formed as adults, we babysat each other's kids, went places together and generally stayed very close for many years.  Only now we live half a continent apart, seldom see each other and don't really know the other's kids as adults.  Does that lessen the relationship?  Not really.  Does that mean that their kids aren't my friends or ours aren't theirs?  NO. 

Another relationship I have is with my daughter's friends.  I've met many of them over the years and two in particular I keep up with, mainly through my daughter.  I think of them as my friends, too.  Guess I "adopt" young friends.

Enough heavy thinking, one relationship is a relative who I am super proud of.  This is a proud-aunt brag.  You would never believe that my niece is a blood relative.  She is coordinated and can dance!  See, I told you that it was unbelievable since I am not in any way coordinated and have no sense of rhythm.  My niece is a PE teacher in a grammer school and spends a few weeks each year teaching ballroom dance.  Not only that, she teaches the kids heart health and helps them with a Jump Rope for Heart Assn fundraiser each year.  They raise thousands and have lots of fun doing it.  I knit her a pair of texting mitts aka fingerless mitts for Christmas this year.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sunshiny Tuesday

It is 51 degrees and the sunshine is calling to get us outdoors.  No knitting for a while, going exploring.

Want to share some photos of an early Christmas present from Mother, a great doublepoint needle roll for a set of 5" bamboo needles I ordered from an Ebay seller.  Each pocket is sized for a particular size set of 5 needles and the cover snaps in place.  Super handy and keeps me better organized.

Mother also made a hanging holder for circular needles but the photo didn't turn out well.  I'll try to get a new photo.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Already!

I resolve, resolve, resolve to be a more regular blogger in this fresh, brand-spankin' new year.  From the time I was a child I wanted to write books.  As an adult, I have a better perspective on book writing, it is WORK!  Just writting a blog is a commitment of time & effort.  Guess I have hang over issues from writing those school English essays that had to be written, proofed, corrected, amended and then submitted for grading.  I know in my innermost being that a blog post does not have to be perfect, but then what if I don't have anything interesting to say or show? 

We are settled in the heart of the Texas Alps country.  Alpine, TX is one of our favorite places and we intend to spend the winter here.  I plan to get lots of knitting done and maybe get a pattern or two finished and posted.  Please don't hold your breath!

Happy New Year!  May 2011 be the best year ever for you.