Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hair We Grow Again

Hair, short, long or in between, seems to be something that has to be tended constantly in order to feel our best.  I started out with beautiful blonde curls then kept it cut at some length of "short".  Does that make sense?  Whether it is barely long enough to cover the head or almost shoulder length, it usually is called short.

See what I mean about curls?  For the last 6 years I've kept my hair cropped short in what I call "wash and wear" style.  Wash, towel dry or barely blow dry and be ready to head out for new adventures.  I'm tired of the look but don't like to mess with styling it.  Here is a current photo with hair grown out from the last haircut in early August 2010.

It is so bounce with little curl or wave.  I sort of feel like a wig crawled up there and died!  Now here is my dilemma, do I cut it again, let it grow a while and just deal with it or get a permanent and hope for the best?  While you are thinking that over, here are some photos taken over the years.  Please ignore the goofy expressions!


Knitrageous said...

My hair is naturally curly and I've wanted straight hair my whole life. I had always kept it short but my hairdresser wanted to see what happened if 'we' grew it out. It's to my shoulders now, which for me is LONG! Now I can let it dry naturally in lots of curls or I can straighten it and have that hair I always wanted. So...try something you don't think you'd ever do! It's just hair. It will grow back!

Becky said...

I hear you! Going for a haircut tomorrow myself, but trying to grow it out. Was tired of the short do, but it needs a new shaping in the meantime. I love short, but can't keep mine short---it grows way too fast. I'm with your friend---do something different for a change. It is only hair and you can cut it off in a whim if you don't like it long. I'm just trying to decide how long is long for me. Just don't do Texas bouffant!!

Becky said...

Another note---I've always had perms since a kid, thought it wouldn't do anything without one. Found out the most important thing is a GOOD cut and GOOD shampoo with volume. Makes all the difference in the world. Saving a bunch without perms now. Well, haircuts aren't cheap these days!!

Catherine said...

I wonder what you did. I would say grow it a little longer and leave it natural. I also stopped colouring mine about 5 years ago (wet white in my 30s!!) and because it is thick, curly and just off my shoulders I am surprised how it turns people's heads!