Thursday, January 6, 2011


Since I am an avid geneology researcher, I have learned all about family relationships such as third cousin twice removed.  Just find the common ancestor and count generations.  What I am thinking about is relationships with friends.  There is only one of my close high school friends I keep in touch with.  We haven't seen each other in years but keep in contact with emails and Facebook.  We have memories in common, saw each other's babies and knew each other's parents.  That is one type of relationship with friends.

Another long-time relationship was formed as adults, we babysat each other's kids, went places together and generally stayed very close for many years.  Only now we live half a continent apart, seldom see each other and don't really know the other's kids as adults.  Does that lessen the relationship?  Not really.  Does that mean that their kids aren't my friends or ours aren't theirs?  NO. 

Another relationship I have is with my daughter's friends.  I've met many of them over the years and two in particular I keep up with, mainly through my daughter.  I think of them as my friends, too.  Guess I "adopt" young friends.

Enough heavy thinking, one relationship is a relative who I am super proud of.  This is a proud-aunt brag.  You would never believe that my niece is a blood relative.  She is coordinated and can dance!  See, I told you that it was unbelievable since I am not in any way coordinated and have no sense of rhythm.  My niece is a PE teacher in a grammer school and spends a few weeks each year teaching ballroom dance.  Not only that, she teaches the kids heart health and helps them with a Jump Rope for Heart Assn fundraiser each year.  They raise thousands and have lots of fun doing it.  I knit her a pair of texting mitts aka fingerless mitts for Christmas this year.


Mr Mrs Crafty RVing said...

you already know I am a fan of your knitting. I too have a dear friend from the ole days.. fav relative would be my little brother (not just because I could beat him up but he turned out to be a great man). those gloves I am sure will be loved....

Becky said...

Cute gloves. Guess there are people who could really use these---hard to text and wear regular gloves. But here, we don't need gloves! LOL