Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sunshiny Tuesday

It is 51 degrees and the sunshine is calling to get us outdoors.  No knitting for a while, going exploring.

Want to share some photos of an early Christmas present from Mother, a great doublepoint needle roll for a set of 5" bamboo needles I ordered from an Ebay seller.  Each pocket is sized for a particular size set of 5 needles and the cover snaps in place.  Super handy and keeps me better organized.

Mother also made a hanging holder for circular needles but the photo didn't turn out well.  I'll try to get a new photo.


Knitrageous said...

I like that! I especially like how it folds over and snaps. Nice present!

Mr Mrs Crafty RVing said...

Now those are cool... Jorge will be making some for the store but not till this summer... I could use some myself - for my inventory is growing now that I'm not such a coward to knit...