Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Little Knitting

Not much knitting going on but some.  We've had so much extremely cold weather that has riled up arthritis in my hands.  Mainly thumbs ache that goes all the way to the wrist.  I've had lots of suggestions for relief that I will be implementing when I can.  Anyway, I've knit three hats, one was a UFO completed, for the Lone Star State Knitters Group chairty effort for children who lost a parent in the military.  It is a year-long charity so I'll probably knit more later.

I also knit six rectangles for the Handmade Afghan Project for injured military.  These are 6" x 9" rectangles that are crocheted into twin-size afghans.  This is also an ongoing project.  These were mainly garter stitch so I could use them for mindless knitting and get them done in a hurry.
Need to get back to work on the blue top-down sweater.  So close to finishing but it keeps returning to time out for being a boring knit!


Handmade Crafts Done While RVing said...

love the colors and the first hat is my fav... you should of included your gangaster hat pic - that one is really my fav!!

Janice and Gerald said...

Sorry to hear that your hands are bothering you with the cold weather - but great finishes none-the-less!

Knitrageous said...

Great hats! Hope the weather warms so your hands feel better. The whole time I was stuck at DFW I barely did any knitting cause I felt so bad. I could have made an afghan! ha ha

Gwen's Blog said...

Beautiful colors, Pat. Sorry the cold has come between you and your knitting needles. I've got three squares ready for HAP and knit the mock cable pattern but it turned out too short. is a beautiful stitch.
Hope the warm weather comes your way soon.