Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Totes

Just can't have enough knitting totes, so when I saw the ad for these cute bags with lots of room and pockets, I couldn't resist getting a couple.  They came from Knitters Brewing Company and can be ordered here

They are so roomy they really can hold a lot.  The green one has my 2 at a time sock project and the blue has a full skein of Super Saver size.
I immediately knit up some Luggage Blossoms to decorate them.  There has been a bunch of them knit since Beverly of the Lonestar State Knitters Group introduced them to us. 

Also on the fast knit front, I knit a cable headband to try to control the growing mop of hair.  The wind likes to blow it in my face no matter what I do.  I don't really like to wear hairbands and don't like the way this one feels.  Wore it all day yesterday just to try to get used to it.  Still strong negative vibes.  Think I'll find another use for the yarn.

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Janice and Gerald said...

I love bags too - and once I really get "into" knitting, I know I'll need to add one of these to my knitting arsenal!
Hugs - Janice