Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Finished Object!

Had this one ready to show yesterday but the lightning and thunder had me shutting off the computer.  Got some rain, though, so it was worth it.  Lots cooler now, too.

I had some light lilac linen yarn in the stash that seemed perfect for hot-weather summer knitting.  Diagonal Lace Linen Scarf was the perfect match for the yarn.  Very easy pattern with just enough stitch involvement to hold my  interest.

 A couple of years ago I had knit a skinny scarf with a dark lilac shade of this yarn.  When I washed the light one to block it, I also washed the dark one to freshen it up.  They were laid out together on some rust-colored towels.  Makes an interesting color combo!  LOL


Knitrageous said...

Nice! You're really on a row-lll with all these FOs! ha ha

Becky said...

I really like this pattern. Saw it from my iphone but couldn't access the comment portion. Nice knitting---you've been quite busy.
I'm taking a rest of it for now but want to find some new projects for the fall. This just might be one of them.

Becky said...

Duh---I'm tired. That's a "rest FROM it"---makes sense now?