Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America

The following was written by Dean Rippetoe of Midland, TX.  He has given permission to share it.  I agree with his sentiments of the condition of our nation in 2011.  For our July 4th birthday, let us all commit to work to return to the values of our forefathers.  Let us truly stand One Nation Under God.
Daniel Webster, born in Salisbury, New Hampshire in 1782 was a statesman, lawyer and orator and a strong advocate of American Nationalism.  He became well know as a lawyer and a Federalist Party leader.  He was elected in 1812 to the House of Representatives because of his opposition to the war of 1812.  Webster was heavily involved in National politics serving in various positions with Presidents Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler and Millard Fillmore helping to organize the government and preserve the Union.  
The story is told that every time there is a thunderstorm around Marshfield, Massachusetts, the place of Webster's grave, you can hear his rolling voice in the hollows of the sky.  And they say if you go to his grave and speak loud and clear, " Dan'l Webster!!!", the ground will begin to shiver and the trees will begin to shake and you will hear a deep voice saying, " Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 
If we listen closely, we can hear Mr. Webster's voice today as it rumbles through America.  From the hills of Tennessee to the desert of Nevada, from the skyline of New York to the shores of Florida, from deep in the heart of Texas to the Mountains of Washington - we hear that freighting question  - "Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 
The Home is in shambles.  Divorce rate exceeds 50%, Child abuse and spousal abuse is rampant, the absence of parental control over children and children more and more are disrespectful of their parents, teachers and authority.    Teenage pregnancy is higher than ever before.  Same sex marriage is applauded, involvement in homosexual activity is accepted by many and gaining popularity daily.  And Daniel Webster asks, "Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 
Drug trafficking is increasing daily, poisoning both children and adults with drugs that destroy the mind, character and moral fiber of our nation.  The drug lords and drug dealers thumb their nose at authorities and continue distributing illegal drugs with little resistance from authorities.  Alcohol consumption is out of control.  Persons arrested and convicted multiple times for driving while intoxicated are returned to the streets repeatedly without confinement or even driving restrictions. And Daniel Webster asks, "Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 
Pornography is a multi-billion dollar business; lewd sexual activity is an accepted way of life.  Promiscuity and infidelity are common.  Sexual transmitted diseases are at an epidemic stage.  Sexual immorality is displayed on every movie and television screen in America.  Our young people are exposed to violent video games condoned by the Supreme Court.  And Daniel Webster asks, "Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 
Our public schools have deteriorated to the point of issuing diplomas from High School and College to students who cannot read, write, or do simple math.  Athletics reign supreme over academics.  Police patrol the halls of our educational institutions.  Good teachers are discouraged by overwhelming requirements from governmental mandates.  Our educational system is in shambles and Daniel Webster asks, "Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 
Our Justice System was to establish truth and administer justice. Truth is not permitted in our court system because of the technicalities of the law.  The criminal is protected, the innocent punished.  Crime is higher than ever before and increasing daily.  Our jails are full, violent criminals are returned to the general population to repeat their criminal activity.  And Daniel Webster asks, "Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 
Abortion, the willful killing of millions of babies, is not only condoned but supported by tax money. Child abuse is rampant.  Parents are killing their children at an alarming rate.  And Daniel Webster asks, "Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 
Our political system and our politicians are an embarrassment to the masses.  Its occupants performing disgusting illegal and immoral acts have degraded the White House.  We fill the chairs of Congress and the Senate with politicians who perform criminal, lewd sexual acts and engage in immoral activities around the globe. We continue to have elected state and federal officials violate their oath of office and    perform acts unbecoming an elected official- and be returned to office by popular vote.  The sloughful are subsidized, the producer is punished, and taxation is unbelievable. Our politicians, for fear of public retaliation, ignore major issues of public concern such as energy, immigration, the economy, jobs, health care, education and crime. And Daniel Webster asks, "Neighbor, How stands the Union"?
Our nation, The United States of America, was established on the belief in God, the laws of the land were based on the principals set forth in the Ten Commandments  Our forefathers established a government of the people, for the people and by the people with the motto of, "In God We Trust".  Our politicians were designated as "servants" for the people, not "managers" of the people.  

These things we know.  God created the Universe and all that is in it.  He created man, He gave Canaan to the Israelites and they failed to uphold their end of the contract. He gave the USA to you and me.  He gave us religious freedom so that we might honor and glorify His name.  Today, we have the protection of free speech, but we cannot pray in public because some might be offended!!  In some of our Military Cemeteries, the word God is not permitted.  Biblical quotations are not permitted on government buildings.  There are forces at work to remove all mention of God from radio and television.  God is under attack in America and the Christian masses seem to stand idly by without offering resistance.

As we take a close and honest look at our country today, we, along with Daniel Webster must ask and respond to the question - "Neighbor, How stands the Union"? 

I think Mr. Webster would be very disappointed in our answer…….

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