Friday, August 12, 2011

Tapetes de Lana Weaving Center

This afternoon we visited this non-profit weaving and spinning center in Mora, NM.  We had a beautiful drive there from Las Vegas, NM.  Traveled along the bases of the mountains and edge of the Santa Fe National Forest.  There has been just enough rain that there was light green grass and the dark green of the pines and cedars glowed like jewels.  The weaving center has a large spinning mill that was not in use today, wish I could have seen it in operation.  There was only one loom actually being used.  It had a beautifully textured fabric that my little camera could not photograph.  Alpaca yarn that was soft and fine to touch.

Lots of weaving and knitting yarn in various weights and colors were for sale although worsted weight was the most prevalent.  Products woven on the looms at the center were also for sale, along with other weaving from local artisans.  Even had some locally made pottery for sale.  No items followed me home but I sure petted lots of yarn.