Thursday, September 1, 2011

Colorado Yarn Shop Tour

Some of our favorite sightseeing can be done in local yarn shops so our shopping visits in CO were not unusual.  We had to window shop the two stores in Pueblo since they were closed on the day we were there. 

We went to three shops in the Denver area and were impressed with all three's layout, displays and quantities of yarn.  I did my souvenier yarn buying in these stores.

Ever since reading many of the Maggie Sefton I have dreamed of visiting Lambspun in Fort Collins.  My dream came true.  Although the setting is a tiny bit different from the books (there is a big apartment complex across from the shop and golf course) there was the old farmhouse converted into the shop and Backporch Cafe on a tree shaded corner.

There were room-after-room of yarn displayed, some in little nooks and crannies.  In the front of the house was a big room like a glass-fronted porch with a big table for classes & meetings.  I was totally charmed when I spotted in one corner a man was spinning!  How like the books is that?  Turns out he was just learning to spin and visited with us about RV life.

We were told that Meggie Sefton dropped in to knit and sign books when she was in town!  Sounded like she made regular visits.

Lambspun from the parking lot

Front door of Lambspun

Entryway is a feast of color & texture

Ron was impressed with the silky softness of this tube scarf within a tube scarf