Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Still 2011

Christmas Day is over but the sentiments, visiting and good eating are still going on.  Sad how ordinary life crops up in the middle of the fun by requiring cleaning and laundry.  All the ads seem to be pushing us into 2012 while I am still savoring (read getting used to) 2011.  Early this year we were saddened by the death of one of Ron's cousins, Glenn Reece, then at the end of the year lost Ron's mother, Thelma Reece.  Two large losses yet the Lord has carried us through and we are having a great time sharing about these people and old times with some of Ron's cousins & family.

Mother asked me what I would really like for Christmas and I requested a hanging needle holder like she made me last year.  This is the one she made for my longer, 36-40 inch circular needles.  The hanger broke so this year she reworked the top a little.
Lots of room in each pocket so I can put several needles of the same size in each one.

This year I wanted one for 16 -24 inch lengths.  Mother pulled out fabric and zipped out this one for me.

Perfect!  Here is a little closer view of the pockets.
No more having to dig through packages of needles to find the right size then straighten the cables!

By the way, I have learned a trick to straighten the longer cables.  I use a microwavable heating pad, get it hot, clothespin each end of the needle to a sturdy rug and lay the hot pad on top for a few minutes.  Take off the hot pad and let the needle cable cool while pinned straight.  It has worked every time for me.

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