Tuesday, July 31, 2012

East Texas Heat

We haven't spent summers in quite this much heat and humidity since we left Austin.  Even so, we are still enjoying the Tyler and Longview area.  Surprisingly enough some of the crepe myrtles still have blooms.
I've been knitting on secret projects so haven't been posting photos yet.  I do have one finished project to show, a toddler's football.  He can't do damage to anyone or anything with this one.

There is one work in progress that I'm still undecided on how to finish.  The pattern is written for a beaded lace Christmas ball ornament.  We don't have Christmas trees in our RV so I'm trying to think of some other decoration on which to apply the lace.  If I make the ornament, I'll need to knit five more rows, then bind off and sew the ends.  If I knit for something longer, I'll need to knit more repeats.  I'm being wishy-washy, afterall Christmas is still some time away!