Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yarn Browsing

I saw a post on Ravelry for a yarn giveaway to promote a new Etsy shop.  The colors of the sock yarns were outstanding!  Of course I want to win yarn but I also have bookmarked this shop for yarn purchases.

eggbird designs

Sunday, August 12, 2012

That Wouldn't Be Cricket

A simple phrase but was totally foreign to a late-thirties woman when Ron spoke those words.  She had asked a question and that was Ron's response.  After a pause she commented that she didn't know Cricket.

So, where did the phrase originate and what does it mean?  It actually began with the popular British game of Cricket, a game for gentlemen where fair play would be expected.   When a foul was committed it was "not cricket'.  So, for today's generation, it means uncool and just wrong. 

Another sort of cricket is chirping away around and under our RV.  Several times we've hunted for the little critter in the house only to realize that it is outside and no amount of searching will discover it.

Now, back to tending to my knitting.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Yarn

Well, yarn bought on my birthday mini-yarn crawl.  I really didn't have but one yarn and pattern match in mind but the other two yarns just had to come home with me!  The one I wanted for a particular pattern didn't work with that pattern after all.  At least, I didn't like the way it looked.  Gee, out of the thousands of available patterns, do you think I'll find one for the yarn?

The Juniper Moon Farm lace yarn Findley is merino and silk.  It is a wonderfully squooshy yarn that will be lovely to knit with.

The Berrocco Comfort worsted weight is just for fun yarn in nylon and acrylic.  It may become a scarf and hat. 

The Babe yarn in nylon and acrylic didn't work with the pattern, it overwhelmed it, so I'll be searching out the right pattern to suit.

I also bought beads at Hobby Lobby for a mystery shawl but they are hard to photograph.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birthday Yarn Fun

Not everything about adding another birthday milestone is negative.  Our friends Sylvia and Larry from Spring, TX arrived on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate my birthday with us.  Sylvia gifted me a cute, handy size project bag.  Of course for my birthday on Thursday we had to go yarn shopping to fill it with the right stuff!

First we visited RosePath Weaving in the country between Tyler and Lindale.  Sylvia found a beautiful yarn to buy but I didn't see exactly the right ones for me. 

Then we headed to Longview (almost an hour drive) to eat at Dudley's Cajun Cafe where I indulged in a catfish po'boy, Sylvia had the catfish lunch with onion rings, Larry and Ron each had a crawfish pie plate.  We all stuffed ourselves!  Then waddled our way into Stitches 'n Stuff to pet some more yarn.  I had been in before so was somewhat prepared for the quantities of yarn.  Sylvia spent the first 15 minutes on overload just trying to grasp what was there and where to start looking!  That was what I had done the first time I visited.
If the quantites in the store don't overwhelm you, they invite you to visit their storeroom closet.

This is the shopping bag that I filled.  I think Sylvia had even more than I did when we left almost two hours after arriving.