Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tyler Art Walk

We wandered around the Tyler, TX Art Walk, a newly revived edition of it.  Evidently it has been a few years since it was done and it is slow getting artists to participate.  It took place in downtown Tyler in the park across from the Smith County Courthouse.

When we arrived there was a group of kids rap dancing on a stage near the center of the park and a few booths in the shade at one side of the square.  Other booths and displays were in front of stores or inside buildings.  The first display I saw was the Eastside Fiber Artists' area.  I asked permission to snap some photos to share.  Permission was granted along with an invitation to join the group and to attend an upcoming workshop.  Here is a sampling of what was displayed.

Colorful pieced kimono jackets
Pieced wall hanging with interesting stitches
Colorful hand-stitched dolls and spool knitted baskets
Pieced wall hanging quilt with ribbon stitched in

Sunflower and sea scene mini-quilts
Close up of the sunflowers
Another of the artists was in a "hardware" instead of "software" mode.  The blacksmith with an electric furnace was turning out all sorts of iron hooks, brackets and dinner bells.

There were paintings, sketchings, ceramics along with many musicians to entertain.  My favorite was the singer who performed "Mack the Knife" in classic Bobby Darin style.  We didn't stay long enough to see the finish of the wooden sculpture being assembled.  The artist was nailing together pieces of 2x4's and other scraps in a sort of skyscraper look.  He said that he would spray paint it all one color and it would be "cool."

I have finished Clue 3 of the Fall Mystery Shawl.  Interesting lace patterns are developing.

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