Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yarn Crawling...A Knitter's Fun

Those of you who haven't experienced a traveling shopping trip to yarn stores, you haven't been on a Yarn Crawl.  The month of October was declared as the time for the first Arizona Yarn Crawl.  This was a statewide event with most of the local yarn shops in the state participating.

Ron and I checked the list of participating stores and the map.  While I printed a Passport to get stamped to prove which of the 17 stores we visited, Ron marked the map on his iPad for directions to the stores and plotted a route.  First we took a day-trip to three yarn shops in Tucson.  At Kiwi Knitting I bought this lovely Painted Desert yarn.
Painted Desert
I also bought a great circular needle that I needed for a current project.
A few days later we headed out on a three day exploration of Arizona and yarn shops.  We drove north to Phoenix and took off on a diagonal slant northwest to Kingman.  Passport stamped, yarn, pattern and gifts in the bag and off to Flagstaff.  There we collected another Passport stamp but didn't buy anything.  It was late by then so we spent the night in Flagstaff.
Caracara bought in Kingman
Next morning early we turned south to Sedona, got Passport stamped, and on through Jerome to Prescott for another two stamps.  There is one store front with two stores in it so that was a one stop shopping.  This is the yarn I got at that stop.
Cascade Sunseeker -  it sparkles!
The next shop was in Payson where I bought another circular needle.  Then on to Fountain Hills, just northeast of Phoenix.  There I found a great shop and bought yarn that was on sale!
Southwest Yarn Co Bamboo
After spending the night in Fountain Hills (right across from the fountain) we went to Carefree where I got this yarn, also on sale.  There are three skeins of worsted weight.
Our next stop was at Scotttsdale but no yarn followed me out the door.  Then off to Phoenix where I bought another circular needle.  I am now stocked up on several sizes.  Tempe was our next stop, nothing bought there.  Then on to Mesa.  There I found this gorgeous silk yarn.
Maharashata Silk lace weight yarn
Our final stop was in Gilbert.  There I bought a skein of yarn and the official Yarn Crawl Bag.
Araucania Lontue
Pockets inside and out

List of all the stores participating
At this stage we have visited 16 of the 17 yarn shops.  What was left?  The shop about 8 miles from our rv park in Green Valley.  We got the final stamp and turned in the Passport.
The drawing for Yarn Crawl prizes will be Nov 15.  It has been hard to knit and type with all my fingers crossed hoping to win one of the great prizes.


Becky said...

What a trip! Beautiful yarns and I can't wait to see what you make from them all. You are going to be busy.

Bev Shipley said...

What a nice bag! Love that silk yarn!